Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Thing I'm Trying to Avoid

Yes, I made this graphic, and no, no one in my gracious and loving group of friends and family has said this to me. Yet.

So here's why I'm not blogging. I'm trying to knock out the major elements of wedding planning, get the basic framework for the event in place, then gradually work on what I consider to be "the fun stuff" (favors, decorations, music selection, etc) over the course of the next year. (Yes, I actually enjoyed hand-glittering stationery for Kelly's shower so the bride on the invite was wearing red. I enjoyed adding a blue ribbon and itty-bitty pearls so that each and every shower invitation looked like Amanda's gown. Like, a lot. Shut up!)

I've long since agreed with Dave Barry that weddings and funerals have essentially the same elements: church, officiant, music, flowers, out-of-town guests, a big meal afterwards. Somehow weddings take a year to plan and funerals take less than a week. So I'm trying to get the big stuff done.

Joel and I are having a lot of fun, actually, talking about what we want to do, laying out the ground rules (no synagogue in Queens, no Catholic Church in Lancaster), thinking up both silly and sincere vows. (Joel: "Can I talk about how you hosed both Bella and I down with V8 at the same time in our vows?" Me: "I can still smell skunk. Gimme the baking soda."

And yet, all the phone calls, which have to be made during business hours, gives all of this the look and feel of a part-time job. The number-crunching kinda sucks. Weddings and car buying all the only times when no one wants to tell you what every damn thing is actually going to cost you. Just put it all out there- cost, tax, gratuity- so I can just DECIDE, dammit.

Overall, my question to you, dear readers, is... do you care? Do you want to hear about wedding planning? Because I do not want to be That Girl, the one who can't stop talking about her fucking wedding. Good deal?


Becky said...

I, for one, would love to hear about the trials and tribulations associated with your wedding planning. It's taking up a significant chunk of your time and thoughts right now, so why not blog about it?

Just remember one thing: the only pieces that are *required* for a wedding are a bride, a groom, an officiant, and maybe a couple of witnesses. The rest of the stuff is just that: stuff. So focus on the people and the meaning of the day, and focus less on the stuff...regardless of what the Kn0t tells you. ;-)

Lisa said...

Part-time job? I say full-time. With all of the research and phone calls and emails and meetings. I hope you're a better decision maker than I am though. I just couldnt decide on certain things because they werent that important to me. Silly how those were the things that ended up stressing me out. ANYWAY, I stopped by to say... Remember when we were talking about when to do the TTD shoot and I said that I was going to be going to a wedding in New York, well it is this weekend and I finally looked at the invitation and saw that it is in New Rochelle! Crazy, right? It is at the Glen Island Harbor Club and we are staying at the Crown Plaza in White Plains. Are either of those close to where we were? I am assuming it is a nice place since it is Black Tie Optional but is it? You can tell me the truth, I dont know the bride and the groom is a college friend of Brian's so no close ties. :)

Cara said...

Talk away. I'm still in recovery mode. I feel your pain.

Michelle said...

I don't want to hear about your fucking wedding every fucking day...are you KIDDING ME!!!

Seriously though, I would listen to you blog about anything as long as it is as interesting/insightful/funny/intelligent/etc. as it usually is.

shannon said...

I say write about what is going on in your life -- and if wedding planning is going on in your life, then write about that.

cindy w said...

I still have all-too-vivid memories about freaking the hell out about my wedding (the dress alone gave me panic attacks for weeks), so go ahead and vent. Do what ya gotta do. :-)