Friday, July 13, 2007

Welcome Home, Critter Style

Hi! I'm back!

Le Sigh. Ze blog, she 'as languished! Zut alors, I have sat on my croissant!

Yeah, I don't know where Crazy French Lady came from just now, but there it is.

Anyway, my family is still down at the beach, but Joel and I had cut it short due to the fact that he's taking a graduate class and teaching summer school. He missed the first two days of both, thanks to the graciousness of his professor and a supervisor. Also, I have only thirteen days a year- count 'em, thirteen!- to use for beach vacations, nature photography trips, freelance weddings, major Hallmark holidays, doctor's appointments, friends' weddings/showers, fun girl weekend, etc. Gotta make 'em stretch.

When we got home, Bella pranced all around and did her happy whimper of barely contained joy as we schlepped all of our bags and gear up the three flights of stairs (Chunky PhoJo Barbie hasn't "traveled light" since 1998) . Fred didn't rub up against my legs or show affection to either me or Joel, but he did pull my flip flop into a big bear hug as soon as I kicked it off, rolled over onto his side and frantically rubbed his face all over the rubber straps. I guess somewhere in his little cocoa puff-sized brain, nothing says "I missed you" quite like frantically spooning your owner's footwear. Unless he was just trying to say, "I missed your shoe," which is entirely possible.

Another furry friend in the neighborhood had a special welcome back surprise for us. Rogue Skunk strikes again, my friends. This time both Joel and Bella got nailed. Luckily I had a six pack of V8 juice in the fridge. I do love all of Mother Nature's creatures, but if I ever find myself behind the wheel of my car when Rogue Skunk is crossing the street, look out, vermin! I have have a mind to grab Pa's musket and hunt it down right now, hollering "I'm a'gon make me a STEW!"

From Crazy French Lady to Redneck Ma and back again... Bonsoir!


shannon said...

Doh! Does the tomato juice bath really work?
Can they trap the skunk and relocate him someplace where there might be other little skunks for him to frolic with?

Tom said...

Is there nothing V-8 can't do? from your brother-in-law, Tom

Becky said...

Your comment about Fred and your flip-flop reminds me of Geoff's and my cat Sloopy. He likes making out with Geoff's slippers and gym shoes. Never the dress shoes. Who knows why? He's a strange cat.

It's comforting to me to know that Sloopy's not the only one with a shoe fetish.