Sunday, July 08, 2007

Give ME the Brain... I can hear the ocean.

Um, yeah... I'm not posting so much because I'm in Rehoboth Beach for the annual vacation.

It's great, but so different. I for one have finally graduated from the Spinster Room, even though we're in a different house this year. The people who own the old place didn't list it as a rental this season, but we're literally steps from the beach and boardwalk for the first time ever, mostly because we're vacationing with a baby for the first time ever-- mmm, sandy baby.

Greg unfortunately had to bow out because he needs to travel somewhere to lay the smack down on the wheelchair repair service people in person- the world is full of morons, as it turns out- and none of the sisterfriends are making special guest star appearances for the first time, since... 1995? I think?

We miss you guys. If you were here, I would toss one of the two Scary Dolls (yes, there are two now) over the shower curtain while you were still in it. :) Hmm.. I wonder when it's Amanda's turn for the shower...?

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