Friday, March 08, 2002

So... I haven't been blogging much. I think every day that I am goinhg to come down here and write something, because all kinds of funny, weird things are happening to me, and I think they would greatly amuse all of you, but I am SO TIRED.

I have been substiute teaching a lot. Teaching is exhausting. It's going very well in that I think I have really reached out to a lot of kids. It amazes me how well they respond to someone who is honest with them and who really listens to them. I feel like, in many of the schools where I am teaching, the public school system is doing a grave injustice to these children. I can't explain it. These kids are so needy. It's really sad. I have met at least one child at every school that I could just bring home with me. I don't really feel comfortable going into all the details over the Internet, but let's just say that when I am Queen of the World, people are going to have to get my approval before they procreate.

I have met so many kids who are just- really, really hurting. And some of them- I am not sure what it is I am seeing- I think it's a result of bad prenatal care or drug abuse during pregnancy. It's almost like they are miswired somehow. It's not that they are "bad kids" in regard to misbehavior or giving the sub a hard time. The problems are much, much graver than that.

And there is very little tolerance for children who learn differently. I have definitely met kids who are ghettoized in the classroom- even relating to where they are assigned to sit- because they don't learn from the "work quietly on your worksheet and don't ask questions" method. I gotta tell ya, it makes home-schooling look pretty damn good. I NEVER thought I would say that. I personally had a very good public school education, but some of the injustices I am seeing in the schools make me want to cry, throw things and write to my congressman. Not necessarily in that order. :)

I am also back in a world I never thought I would be in again- where, if you run in the hallway, you have to go back and do it again, for example. Naturally, it's only temporary. June 10th- my start date in Miami- can not come soon enough. I think I am really going to miss my dog, though.

Anyway, Nick, I know you said on your page that we're all so depressing lately. So here- just for you- I ate an orange. I saw a movie. I saw a play. There. Do you feel better now? :)

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