Monday, March 04, 2002

Okay so this message is about 23 minutes late, but....

Happy Birthday to the person who convinced our parents to let me get my ears pierced,
who shared First Communion with me, not only several years late (due to family conversion) but also several weeks late (due to a shared bout of chicken pox),
who was brave enough to sing "Moon River" with me in the elementary school talent show,
who knows CPR and first aid,
who remembers every car trip vacation, Christmas Eve, and ex-boyfriend,
who insisted I would love Harry Potter,
who bought 14 graduation dresses and returned 13 of them so I could try on dresses in the most fattening color (white) without humilating myself in a dressing room and without having to stop studying for AP tests to go to the mall during the hours it was open,
who can sniff out marked-down cashmere from ten miles away,
who drove five hours through a snowstorm to do my laundry and make me soup when I was sick in college,
who gives away a stunning $50 skirt, the last one in the store, just because I said I *really* like it,
who won the talent portion of a local beauty pagent for singing an aria even though she was dressed as a man, (that still kills me!)
who appreciates the value of an excellent education and delays personal gratification to achieve those goals,
and who taught me to say my first word, "Sissy."

Happy birthday, Amanda! :) May your next 25 years be just as succulent! Love you!

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