Monday, March 25, 2002

I lost my claddagh. My ring, you know, it's an Irish wedding ring that I have been wearing since June 1998. And I love it. Oh, well. I figured it was just a matter of time anyway. I generally lose just about everything I like eventually- watches, wallets, scarves, rings. It's funny because I was just remarking to Alissa that I will probably lose it soon. I bought it in Ocean City, NJ. for $30; it's not like I bought a matching set with Stephen when we were in Ireland or anything.

Gwen is going to our favorite place in Ireland. It's a little town called Glendalough about an hour and a half from Dublin. There's a waterfall and two beautiful lakes and some monastic ruins. When Stephen and I were hiking through the woods there to the waterfall, we stumbled upon this crumbling 4th century cathedral in the woods. It was amazing. There were these beautiful broken arches and stairs that just went up to the sky, as the top floor of the church is long gone. When/if we decide to get married, and when we win the lottery, we want to get married there. :)

Oh, and by the way, this is a funny web site. If you like Sean Connery, and you saw Finding Forrester, this is good for a chuckle. And it's nothing like the last web site I reccommended, which caused some of you to feel the need to go to the ER. Sorry. Tee hee.

Did you know that Jason has a pair of leather pants? Not tight scary ones, big baggy ones. I haven't seen them on yet. Just a little Jason trivia.

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