Thursday, March 21, 2002

Okay, kids. Happily, the new commenting system I am using allows me to edit and delete comments at will. I can also block users, which I have not done yet, as I feel confident that this disgusting line of commenting (if you missed it, don't worry- it was mostly about "snot") won't continue. I'll also have you know, that even when you use other people's names and websites to identify yourself, that you aren't as anonymous as you think you are. The system has a tracking mechanism based on your IP address, so I know exactly who you are. Not too smart, guys.

However, if you *were* smart, you would know how to spell "weird" properly, and you would also probably know that Gwen and I were two years apart in school, so we weren't in health class together and also not a year ahead of Nick, at least in my case. Okay? So play nicely, or I am taking your toys away and sending you home.

Thanks for stopping by Barbaric Yawp. Have a nice day.

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