Wednesday, March 20, 2002

I LIKE TO SHOUT! (And I miss Jo!)

I LIKE TO RAFT! (Alissa and I just booked a white water rafitng trip. I am sooo happy that I bought my underwater camera last year!)

I LIKE TO TEACH SANE STUDENTS! (As opposed to the insane ones I had to teach on Monday)

They threw milk at me. It was awful. They also swore, gambled, cheated on their homework, hit one another, made obscene gestures and pretended to light things on fire using liquid smoke. Sigh.... The other teachers came and checked on me after every period. Apparently, they had three other subs who walked out during second period earlier this year.

Today, however, I had a great day. Nice, sane students. It was good.

I am teaching French tomorrow. All I know how to say is, "Je suis au bouffan pour frommage esouffle." (I am a fool for puffed wheat.) Stephen and his cousin Ted spent two weeks in the summer of 1992 watching the Olympics, eating dry cereal and making his older brother Mark (who speaks like, six languages) how to say, "I am a fool for puffed wheat" in every language that he knows.

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