Friday, August 24, 2001

So I just got back from vacation in Rehobeth Beach. I have been going there since I was like, seven. It was very fun. I ate way too much crap, though. I will start eating healthier tomorrow. Tomorrow, as in, after I go to sleep and wake up, because as of right now, it's after 2 a.m. and I'm eating a grape popsicle and goldfish crackers.

I really, really dislike the new goldfish commercial jingle. You know, "Wrote a song for goldfish, a little song for goldfish... the snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off." I hate it. They were doing much better with the "I love fishes 'cause they're so delicious" campaign."Gotta go fishin'!" See, I couldn't resist. It's so catchy.

Alissa was talking about going back-to-school shopping on her web site today. I have no need to go back to school shopping. None whatsoever. It's a very strange feeling. However, I did buy a cool, shimmery lantern today for no reason. Actually, it's for the Imaginary Apartment. That sort of filled my need for a back-to-school shopping trip. It's the Non-Back-to-School Lantern, lighting the way to grad school. Or something.

I also bought a keychain at the same time that I bought the lantern. My Virginia Woolf book keychain broke last week. It was sad, but I have vowed to no longer get attached to my keychains. Too many bad things happen that way.

My need for small, metal keychains began back in 1995 in Salamanca, Spain. I decided to buy a fun Spanish blanket in the nice, little store, and then my fabulous sisterfriends who all read this web page decided to buy blankets too. (The blankets were all beautiful, and later that night we were running up and down the hallways of the hotel wrapped in our blankets- yes, we were clothed, too- and we scared this adorable old woman who gasped and said," Ay! Fantasmas! [Ghosts!]" and then Gwen was playing a song on this terracotta flute type thing and the manager of the hotel came and spoke to us sternly because it was after midnight. Ah...the days of the rebellion) Anyway, the nice old man who ran the shop where we bought the blankets gave me a wonderful metal keychain, and we had a nice little chat. It was my first experience with fluency, and I loved that keychain. I lost it in the summer of 1996 at band camp. Then, Meg Fuchs went to Spain in 1997, and I asked her to buy me an exact replica. She did! It was great! Then, it got accidentally flushed down the toilet with my keys in the autumn of 1998. That's kind of stuff that only happens to me, but anyway... I had my little metal book keychain, which was fine until it broke last week. But! I have a new keychain now. We'll see how long it lasts.

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