Thursday, August 30, 2001

Okay, so I am feeling a bit better about this weight watchers thing. I got through today without too much temptation, and I managed to bank a couple of points for this wedding I am going to this weekend. This will be my third wedding this summer. What's up with everyone getting married? STOP IT, I say.

But! I will get to see Kelly which I am completely thrilled about. Love the lovely Kelly. We are both poor so we're probably going to just hang out and visit, but I can not wait to see her. It's funny, HEF and Gwen get to be with Scott; I get to see Kelly. Too bad we're not doing these things thousands of miles away from each other and thousands of miles away from other people we love. Hey, there's always Thanksgiving at my house, people. Come for pie! Unless I'm in Scotland or with Stephen, which are real possibilities this year. Well, my parents would probably love to see you, (whoever you are reading this, Mr. Pyscho Internet Stalker).

So, in order to help me stay on my new Postive Eating Plan, I have created a little televangelist type guy in my head. For example, tonight I went to Turkey Hill to buy some fat-free frozen yogurt to mix with a banana and a nectarine for my last four points of the day, and as I gazed at all the colorful rows of delicious Turkey Hill iced tea, my dieting evangelist shouted (in my head, I am the only one who can hear him), "Resist Temptation! Exorcise the demons!!" Apparently, the dieting evangelist is southern.

Speaking of Stephen, (we weren't anymore, but that's okay), he got a job in a magic shop in Boston. He is a demonstrator, which means he walks around with a monkey puppet and tries to make little kids beg their parents to buy them one. He is also learning a bunch of magic tricks and how to juggle, which are actually very good skills for an actor to have. I think one of the best things about his job relates to the fact that the store has this giant top hat that he gets to stand in and perform magic tricks. I couldn't figure out how this worked, and so I was asking him questions. Apparently, there is a cash register in the hat. I think it's so great that he has a job where his boss says, "Okay, Steve, you're in the hat next." Also, all the monkey puppets have to be brushed at the end of the day with a special monkey brush. I wish my job at the York Daily Record required me to use a monkey brush.

I love it when Stephen has interesting jobs. He used to be an ice cream man. Magic Store stories are almost as fun as Ice Cream Truck stories.

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