Saturday, August 25, 2001

Okay. I got rejected from the job in Alabama today. I am really glad that the guy called me so that I wouldn't have to wait all weekend and worry about it. Am I disappointed? A little bit, I guess, yeah. It's hard because I sort of believed that this one would come through. I thought I might have a ticket out of here. Lancaster really sucks the potential out of people. I definitely don't feel like the potential is being sucked out of me-- I can and I will leave. But it is depressing. Every where I go I see people who aren't ever going to leave. It's random, really. I see people from the gifted program from elementary school working at Turkey Hill, and I'm like, why are you working in a convenience store?

It makes me hear what's-his-name, the Dawson Creek guy, James Vanderbeek going, "I don't want your life!" from the preview of that terrible movie "Dawson Gets the Blues" or whatever.

On the other hand, would I really want a ticket out of here to Alabama? It was just going to be so good. My college roommate Jo was thinking about coming with me and I would have had a friend and I could have taken my dog and- and- and- Sigh.... Back to the proverbial drawing board, I guess.

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