Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Schedule

Shoot, shoot, edit, work, shoot graduations, shoot assignments, sleep, drive to New Jersey, shoot, shoot, edit, print, log, capture, panic about demise of newspaper industry and July 8th layoffs, shoot, panic, edit, shoot, drive to New Jersey again, fret about house, wait impatiently for estimate, be wholly unsurprised by window estimate, complain, drive, shoot, call real estate agent, detest crappy cell phone service that cuts off agent repeatedly, shoot, edit, work, work, drive while complaining to mother about piss-poor cell phone service, cell phone cuts out while trying to complain about cell phone service; I mean, come ON, Verizon, this is NEW YORK, grump, panic, edit, Freecell, edit, sleep.

On a bright note, all the different kinds of shooting (babies, breaking news, boudoir) are really refining my techniques, and I'm pushing new boundaries creatively. Also, all my old SU drumline friends are back. Like, all of 'em. That's kind of nice. Thank you, Facebook.

Next on the agenda: sleep.


Mom said...

You deserve a good rest, Angie! Sleep well, child of mine.

susan wells said...
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susan wells said...

Angela,in the midst of your busy schedule, you chose to bless us on June 21st through your innvolvement with "Now I Lay Me . . ." You walked into a room of heartbroken family members and lovingly captured our beautiful Oliver on film. We look forward to the pictures, More than that, you made our time with him a beautiful experience as you dottted on Oliver, lovingly caring for him with each shot. You brought not only your expertise, but a "blessed diversion". What a difference you made with the memory of our short time with Oliver. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. . . you had been available through the night, and probably had other things to do father's day morning. Thank you, and we thank your husband for his loving sacrifice.

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Oh, Susan, thank you for your kind words. It was my honor to be with your family and photograph precious Oliver. I've been thinking about you all nonstop. I'm glad you commented here, as the photos are ready to ship today. Please email me the address in Canada where I can send your slideshow and images.

The work I do for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is the important stuff, a time for me to focus on what really matters most. Everything else is white noise. Take gentle care, and do send the address in Canada where I can ship your package. I want to give Oliver back to you in some small way, as soon as I can. Take gentle care, and thank you again for allowing me to be with you at such a raw, tender time.