Monday, April 20, 2009

Pleased to Announce...

I've launched a new website for my photojournalism work! Yay, online interactive portfolio! This new website is located at You can view it by clicking the hot link in the previous sentence, by clicking under the photo of the firefighter on the Milestone Images splash page or by clicking where it says "Photojournalism Portfolio" in the sidebar.

There a few things I still need to polish up. I have more images to add to the Faith photo essay, and I need to post more movies in the video gallery. (I have trouble spotting typos sometimes when I'm really close to a project. Please let me know if you catch something.)

Launching this site was one of my biggest goals for my recovery time, and I'm going back to work tomorrow. So... just in time. I also wanted to clean out my closet, which means I really ought to turn off Law and Order and close the laptop. Yes. We'll see if that happens. ;)


gwen1234 said...

Ooh, pretty, lady!

hefk said...


you won't be surprised that I love the faith photo story/essay.

beautiful job.

Anonymous said...

dude, it's gorgeous.