Monday, April 06, 2009

Angie's House of Suckers, Revisited

So we all know that one of my special superpowers is attracting stray pets. It's been like this my whole life. I

I've got a lot going on at the moment (surgery in the morning; but no worries, I'm fine!), so I really, really can't do anything about this right now. But the last couple of days, I've been seeing this rabbit everywhere. It's not a wild rabbit. It has the long, droopy ears of a lop-eared rabbit. It definitely escaped from somewhere or was freed by someone who was tired of it. I think there are two rabbits, actually, because Joel has seen two different colored rabbits in the bushes and behind the cans on our street. I've only seen the one, but it's been, like, five times.

There's this poster at the animal shelter where I regularly drop off donations/volunteer/drop off homeless dogs who show up on my porch. It shows a sad looking pet rabbit, and the slogan says, "You're not setting her free. You're making her bait." Oof. So really, there's no way I can help this rabbit right now. I have to be at the hospital in six hours. I can't catch it, bathe it, neuter it, and drop it at the shelter.

But here's the thing. The rabbit? Is sitting on our porch right now. Yes, our porch, where we live. Right now. Sigh...

UPDATE: Michael, would that I were like the great Granny Weastherwax and could neuter a rabbit with a withering look! (not that she does that in any book I've read, but certainly she COULD)

Um, I actually went out and looked for the rabbit right after I posted that entry, shortly after midnight, thinking maybe, just maybe I could convince it to spend a few hours in a cat carrier. (Fail.) know Joel's animal rescue instincts would kick in once I was hooked up to an IV and knocked out by 8 a.m. It wasn't on the porch anymore. And- Oh God.... sadly.... the rabbit was hit by a car outside our house between my 12:10 a.m. surveillance attempt and when we left for the hospital at 6 a.m. I feel really, really bad about this.

On the other hand, I am home. Surgery went well and I am resting. I didn't get much sleep in the hospital, unsurprisingly, so if you call and I don't pick up the phone, please don't worry. On the other hand, the doctors strongly encourage movement, walking and activity, so I'll be up and about before long. Thanks for all the get well wishes everyone!

In memory of the Bun Who Should Have Lived, please make your Easter bunny chocolate this year and spread the word.


Luke said...

Hey there, best of luck with the surgery!

Carl said...

You're the Strays Magnet -- the rabbit will be around when you get back. I hope your surgery goes easily and that your surgeon doesn't reek of pastrami.

Keeper0 said...

You can neuter the rabbit by yourself? Damn, girl, you've got talent.