Saturday, April 18, 2009

Congratulations, eh?

Joel just got an email saying that Canada just passed an amendment to Canada's Citizen Act, restoring citizenship to anyone who was forced to renounce their Canadian citizenship in order to become a citizen of another country between 1948 and 1977. Like, say, my mother-in-law. It also grants citizenship to their children.

So Joel woke up Canadian this morning. It wasn't anything like this in the video. It would have been AWESOME if a Mountie had knocked on the door to shake his hand, but I'm not sure he'll ever dance around eating poutine.

Joel: "I'm going to have to start watching hockey now."


Becky said...

The real question is not whether or not Joel will dance while eating poutine, but whether or not he likes poutine at all.

If he doesn't, I would think Canada would renounce his citizenship. That stuff is great. I wish I could find a reasonable approximation in the DC metro area, but I fear it is not to be. Sigh.

Either way, congrats on waking up Canadian, Joel! When will you be applying for your Canadian passport?

Jason said...

It's a good time to start watching's the playoffs :)

Osk, Minion of Cthulhu said...

I just called Joel and said, "Good morning, eh, you hoser.

karla said...

OMG I think there was every Canadian sterotype in that video except reference to our Toonies and Loonies and love of beer.

Welcome to Canada, eh?