Thursday, April 02, 2009

The One Where I Get Just What I Wanted

So... my big sister is the best big sister ever. She is just the coolest. I know a lot of people have heard me say this about her before, but as there are a lot of new readers and followers around these days, allow me a little back story. My sister Amanda is two years older than I am. She potty-trained me when I was 2. When my mom decided I was finally ready for big girl panties, she went to her drawer and got me her fanciest, frilliest pair to wear (and then told that story at my wedding.) That kind of set the tone for the rest of our relationship.

When I was graduating from high school and juggling a million extracurricular activities and a part-time job and AP exams, I didn't have time to go shopping for a white (school rules, had to be white) graduation dress. She was just home from college for the summer and not yet working. She went to the mall, bought 14 dresses in my size and brought them all home. I tried them on at 11 o'clock at night, picked one, and she returned the rest the next day. That's just how she is. (Read: AWESOME)

Additional backstory: I'm having surgery on Monday. Don't worry, I'm fine. Seriously. I have one night in the hospital and then I will be off work for two weeks to recover. Fine, I say!

Tonight Joel and I were sitting on the couch with Ollie. I was lamenting how I'm always after the Next Big Thing. I just paid off my credit card debt completely, which was a huge goal of mine. I was saying, feh.. I want to go get a bunch of books to read during my recovery, but technically I don't have enough extra cash to go to Borders and splurge until next pay day, which is Friday after surgey yadda yadda yadda, this is how I end up with a credit card balance I should wait etc etc.

Joel: Didn't you just order books from Amazon?
Me: No, why?
Joel: Well, there's this big box from Amazon here.
Me: Nope, those must be your geology books.
Joel: My geology books are in the other package.
Me: I know, you got like, three boxes today.
Joel: This one has your name on it,
Me: Really?

Joel tosses me the box, which contains the exact four books I would have gone and purchased. From my sister. Who rocks my world. Thank you so much!


becoming brina said...

That? Is AWESOME. Go Sister!

Amanda said...

After that, do NOT send me a thank you note. Plus, the books should give you PLENTY to write about here. You're welcome - Amanda

PS Call me to let me know the schedule for next week.

Julia said...

Aren't sisters the BEST! ;)

Judy said...

Proud of you both!
Love you like a monkey and a tiger!

cindy w said...

Sounds a lot like something my sister would do. Big sisters are pretty awesome.