Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Unbearable Cuteness of Being

Here are some photos I shot on Monday night hanging out with Tanii and el bebe, plus some of Ollie, Bella and Fred.

I can't believe how much he's changed in just one month!

This is Baelin's and my first photo together. We're reflected in the mirror above his swing.

Ah, a preview of the years ahead when he'll be SO. TIRED. of his Crazy Aunt Angie and her everpresent camera. ;)

That's just spitty. (Ha!)

Changing topics now...

Everything you need to wrap Christmas presents: tape, scissors, paper, gift tags, labels, a pen, spare boxes, and of course, the ultra-necessary Cat-in-a-Bag. Yes, I've started wrapping already. Since I make a lot of presents for people, I have to start early.

This is what they mean by "Cat Nap."

Joel has all three monkeys in this one: Ollie in the crook of his arm, Bella on his feet, and Fred weighing down the covers so he's not tempted to move. I swear, they conspire to keep you there so they can mooch your body heat.

Joel is jingling his keys off the left, trying to get them to look up. it's clearly pissing Fred off.

Ollie: *I* am cute and snuggly! I AM cute and snuggly. I am CUTE and snuggly. I am cute AND snuggly. I am cute and SNUGGLY.

Bella: You're a natural, dahling, but it's MORE than just snuggling. True cuteness comes from *within.* Watch and learn, honey chile. Watch and learn.


cindy w said...

The bebe is very cute. And I LOVE the next to last picture of Bella and Ollie looking over at Joel's keys all interested, while Fred is just like, "Will. Not. Turn. Head. Gah!" Awesome.

shannon said...

Aw, that baby is SO cute!

ethnically ambiguous said...

Angie once again you've made me weep with the amazing pictures you've taken of Baelin. Thanks for coming over and keeping this new mom company.

Judy said...

Baelin is a beautiful baby! I can't wait to meet him in person. Your 3 "babies" are so cute. Can't wait to meet Ollie, too!