Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Joel's car has been broken into a total of FOUR TIMES now. Twice in the last three days. I am so angry I could spit. The police say there's nothing they can do, short of filing a report.

When it happened two nights ago, we joked about putting this sign in the passenger side window.

To the individual who has broken my window 3 times in the last 3 months,

The guys at the junkyard can’t stop laughing at me. The iPod? Okay. I deserved that. The loose change? Whatever, dude. But the baseball glove I just got done breaking in and my cleats right before my championship game? That hurts, man. By the way, I no longer keep anything of value in here at all. If there’s something you want, I’ve left the window open a few inches. Please unlock the door, open it and take what you want. Thanks.

Now we want to hide in the bushes and wait for them.

We won't, but I am so, so frustrated. And no, Joel doesn't have a beef with anyone. There's no one who hates us this much. Even a disgruntled student would have to spend over two hours on three different kinds of public transportation to get here, and there's just no way that's happening every other night. Grrr.


shannon said...

Gah! Again? This seriously sucks.

Judy said...

I am so sorry this keeps happening. Is there any way to rig it so an alarm goes off or a very loud scary sound? Your landlord hears nothing?

Michelle said...

One time, the weekend after Thanksgiving, a group of high schoolers went around my parents town with a baseball bat, smashed over 50 car windows (mine was one of them), and took nothing out of amy of the cars. The police told me that they were just in it for the fun, the thrill of knowing they made other people miserable. Whoever is doing this to Joel is obviously having the same sort of fun, since there is nothing left to take in the car. I think you SHOULD leave a note, seriously. Tell this individual whatever is on your mind. That may be the only way for him/her to NOT get a rise out of putting you through all this crap.

gwen said...

Aargh, aargh! That sucks. Waiting in the bushes doesn't seem like a bad idea. OK, it does. But at least you'd have someone to yell at.

cindy w said...

God, people suck. I think your note is too long for someone who's obviously this idiotic. Try to simplify it: "Hey a-hole, there's nothing in here that's worth anything. Now piss off."

Carl said...

I'm sorry about your car. That really sucks.