Sunday, November 25, 2007

After Thanksgivadoodle

My sister and brother-in-law recently got a dog. Jackson is a Labradoodle, and let me tell you, adding the suffix "-adoodle" to just about any word is kind of addictive.

He looks like a cross between a muppet and mop, a total lovebug. I tried all weekend to make a picture of this little guy where he looked, I don't know, like a DOG and not a cleaning tool. :) This morning, my eighth or ninth attempt, I finally did it!

We held the annual gift competition at Thanksgiving this year, because Amanda and Tom will be with his parents for Christmas. I was facing an unprecedented third consecutive loss, so I seriously had to bring my A game this time. I'm pleased to say that me and my flying alarm clock swept the competition, thank you very much-adoodle. (See? See? I can't seem to stop!)

The crown is broken, so long story short, I was honored this year with a Campbell's Soup hat. :) There is video, coming soon.

You can see a lot of the photos I shot this weekend here.


Becky said...

What is the annual gift competition? What do you compete for, who is involved, and what's the process? Inquiring minds want to know....

nemo said...
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shannon said...

That dog is seriously adorable. It's not helping my case with Ernie to not get a second dog (which he wants) because Labradoodle is the kind he wants, actually.
Does he shed a lot?

Michelle said...

I am another inquiring mind that wants to know.

I debated as to whether or not to send you the snapfish link to our honeymoon pics, because they are NOTHING compared to the pics you take, but since you were so involved with our wedding, I wanted you to see the payoff (only a year and 2 months late...)

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Hey everyone... Michelle, I LOVED your honeymoon photos! It surprises me so much when people are shy to share their photos. Looking at pictures is one of my favorite things to do. Thank you so much so sharing them with me. Anyone else feeling shy? Bring 'em on! :)

What else? Ah, yes. Jackson. Is a labradoodle. He doesn't shed at all, actually. Labradoodles are kind of a designer breed especially for people with allergies. He is seriously cute, but at this point, Labradoodles are mostly only available through select breeders.

There are a limited number of them in the country, and they're expensive. Totally worth it if you're severely allergic and want the love of a good dog, so it's all relative. Amanda can definitely point you in the right direction if you're seriously interested. :)