Friday, June 08, 2007

On my my... So many ways to waste your time!

Hi. Do you want to waste some time? Is your boss out of the office today? Are you involuntarily nocturnal like with me with no assignments until 4 p.m. and can therefore surf the Internet at 2:49 a.m. with no real purpose or need to stop? Oh, goody! Because I have some funny links for you!

First up, Passive-Aggressive Notes! I told Gwen about this site and now she's addicted, too. It's a collection of Post-It notes, dry erase board messages and "helpful hints" about everything from office fridge policies to "the Mad Bomber" (my personal favorite).

This is some seriously funny shit. I have have a mind to post the note from my landlady berating Joel and me for accidentally leaving wet laundry in the washer all day on Sunday. He thought I took care of it. I thought he took care of it. We are very sorry.

The note said, more or less "How? How could you go away all day on Sunday? Other people cannot use! This is not OKAY." Yes, it's very annoying, even though the neighbors and I have developed a lovely system of finishing and folding each other's laundry over the years. It's the drama of the repeated question of "How?" that kills me up most. Sorry, Mrs. M.! Sheesh. (Please don't raise the rent again.)

Passive-Aggressive Notes has an excellent blogroll, too, including a link of the The Best of Craig's List (Rants and Raves). I've been skimming these for about an hour now. My top four?

1. "Let us frolic in my totally dope blanket fort"

2. Door to Door Religious Idiots

3. To My Girlfriend's Dogs While Staying With Me

4. My Turtle Needs a Booty Call (Actually, this one is slightly disturbing).


Lo Lo said...

OF COURSE that weirdo with the turtle is from Boston. UGH. Givin' my people a bad wrap.

Lo Lo said...

P.S. --

That one on, where the "Apartment" is leaving itself a note, was left for my friend Kate here on Northeastern's campus.

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Wait, which one? Please leave a direct link, I must know! :)