Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Oof. I'm in the process of pitching a story about the "trash the dress" trend (Hi! Welcome to the Blog Where We Beat Subjects to Death!) mostly because my editor loved the photo I asked to display in the hallway gallery at work and thought it would make a nice spread if it featured a local couple- and yes, the article will most likely* tackle the element of materialism and wastefulness inherent in the discussion and list resources for more noble options in a fair and balanced way.

*I say "most likely" because a reporter will be writing the story, not me, and you know, I'm not allowed to hover over them and push their fingers on the keys I like in the order I want. Well, I guess I could, but I kind of enjoy being alive and stuff. Heh.

So ANYWAY, like a plucky little duck, I put out the call for interested brides on the Stepford message board at thekn0t.c0m- and damn, those bitches are HARSH! I got reported to a moderator, because they thought I sounded too much like a vendor. They accused me of not really being a knottie bride. Which, coming from actual Stepford Wives-in-Waiting, is the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long, long time.


Becky said...

Speaking as someone who read a lot on the Kn0t's DC and Baltimore message boards, unless you have a bio, you're not really a "knottie bride." Which is why I didn't post that often.

You might try the N3st (where knotties go after the wedding), they're generally much nicer and less snarky. Also, since they've already been through the wedding thing, you might be able to find someone who's a little less attached to The Dress.

Becky said...

Mind if I take a look at the post and the flaming comments? People are so dramatic, and I find it rather amusing. (Is that wrong?)

Manda said...

Hee, hee. Mean people suck!