Friday, June 01, 2007

Masters of Farts

Okay, technically, the distinguished European professor was conferring degrees to candidates for the Masters of ARTS, but it absolutely came out sounding like "Masters of Farts," which of course, I found hilarious. By the way, Joel graduated this morning! Yes! That's the important thing! Not the fart joke! Ha!

I am more than a little punchy, my friends, because I have been awake (Can't sleep! Too tired to sleep! I know! It sucks!) for 22 scorching, sun-drenched hours of graduation speeches, processions, and recessions, followed by Still! More! Championship! Lacrosse coverage! At 7:15 a.m., when I was dragging my sorry "The Phrase 'Not A Morning Person' Doesn't Really Begin to Cover It" Ass out to the car, I said, "I AM proud and happy for you; can't you tell by my scowl?"

Anyway, I have distilled the three hour commencement experience into this YouTube video for your viewing pleasure. Lucky for you, it only lasts one minute and 17 seconds AND contains a fart joke in the middle. My sunburned parents are probably so jealous that you get to watch the 77 second version in air-conditioned comfort. :)

Of course, what this REALLY means is that the piles upon piles of thesis data are officially no longer Very Important Pieces of Paper (a.k.a VIPP- heh! Pee pee! I'm totally regressing!) that, if thrown away, could cause a crisis of astronomical proportions. Do you know what this means? It means I can see the floor in the office/second bedroom. I could even vacuum it if I wanted to.

Seriously, though, I have so much respect for Joel. He worked full-time all through his undergraduate and graduate studies, so he hasn't had a break from classes, homework, etc since January 1998. I can't even imagine.

I'm so proud and happy for you, baby. Can't you tell by my crazed, insomniac grin?


shannon said...

Yay Joel! Congratulations from us!

gwen said...

Aw, yay Joel! That video made me teary... I love graduations. Yay for accomplishments, and getting to wear the awesome extra sash thingie any time you put on a robe. That should include bathrobes, I think.

Becky said...

Hey, let's not forget about the extra-special sleeves on the master's robes. They're not puffy with 3 stripes like PhD's, but they're long enough to get caught on just about everything!

Congratulations, Joel! (And nice work on the video, Angie!)