Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Omens

The apartment is clean. The fridge is stocked with fresh, healthy food. I'm all exfoliated, moisturized, Naired (though I do not wear short shorts) and beeyootified. The camera batteries and cell phones are charging for the week ahead. Four loads of laundry are washed, dried, folded AND put away. The recycling is sorted properly. The car is gassed up. The pets are walked, cuddled and content with a completely fresh litter box for Fred. (Not REALLY a brag-worthy accomplishment, but hey... if you want a fresher house, raise your paw.) The air conditioners are working infinitely better after Joel thought to clean the completely clogged and disgusting filters... oops...

I actually got off my tookus and went to belly-dancing today. I've had something to do out-of-town almost every weekend since...? Gawd... Let's see. I wore the fun fringey hipscarf that Mitzi and Family gave me for my birthday for the first time today, so.... Okay, I hadn't gone since my birthday, apparently. Which was back in the first week of May. Awesome.

It was a much less intense class than usual, which was a nice transition back. We did more yoga today than ever before, though we typically start with a yoga/pilates-ish warmup. As we came out of the final mediation corpse pose bit to wish each other n
"namaste" and dreamily begin the hunt for keys, shoes and gym bags in the fog of relaxed, post-yoga haze, we heard a passing truck made the unmistakable THWACK noise that can only mean one thing... My autobody repair man's kids' college fund just got a little bigger.

A lady came rushing into the studio with the license plate number of the hit-and-run mothertrucker, and while this is not very karmically enlightened of me, I was DEE-lighted to discover that it was not MY vehicle that had been swiped this time.

****Cue Choir of Angels and swirling holy light****

In fact, the damaged car was parked clear on the side of the street, far away from mine. For as much bitching as I do about this Idiosyncratic Life, there are times when I get lucky, I suppose. (Even though I DID somehow break a plastic wastebasket while cleaning, opened a bottle of seltzer that soaked my t-shirt completely down the front, and accidentally sucked the pack of paper napkins and brown lunch bags off the top of the fridge with the telescoping handle on the vaccum.) My car may been spared today from the Weird, Bad Luck Factor, but I'm still me. :)

Have a good day, everyone. I'm glad none of you were parking on Roebling Street in Brooklyn today.

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