Saturday, March 31, 2007

13 Proven Dimensions of Compatibility

A few weeks ago, one of Joel's co-workers asked him if he'd be the assistant coach for the baseball team at the high school where he teaches. He's in the final throes of his masters' thesis, and in light of that, didn't think he could commit to assistant coaching this season. He really wants to do it next year, so he's been helping out when he can. Yesterday at practice, he got hit in the eye with a ball.

He's fine; he just has one hell of a shiner. My first thought (after making sure he really is okay and all that good stuff) was DAMN, eHarmony's patented method of matching based on 13 proven dimensions of compatibility is FRIGHTENING. Why are we LIKE this, so unbelievably uncoordinated and unlucky? Even scarier- how are we BOTH like

Anyway, his eye is all purple and bruised, and we're supposed to go to Andrea's baby's baptism tomorrow. This should be interesting...

"Hey! Congratulations! This is my boyfriend Joel, by the way, the man I've been telling you about for a year and a half?... What?.... Oh, THAT! He missed the exit off the Turnpike so I popped him in the eye, no biggie!"


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Luke said...

Why is it called a shiner? Always wondered that...