Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scene: Bedroom, approx 4 a.m.

Woman: No! No! A bear!
Man: Whuh?
Woman: A bear! A bear is attacking Bella!
Man: (Shaking woman's shoulder) It's only a dream. Wake up!
Woman: There's a bear!
Man: You're having a nightmare.
Woman: A bear is eating Bella and Fred!
Man: Bears don't eat dogs and cats. They eat berries and fish.
Woman: (screaming) THE BEAR! ATE! BELLA!
Dog: (Hears name, opens one exasperated eye at the foot of the bed)

:::Man picks up Woman's hand, places it on sleepy dog, who is decidedly undevoured by bear::

Man: There Is. No. Bear. WAKE UP!


Julia said...

If he didn't kill you or hate you for more than 1 hour - that is love. Good to see it's still out there.... ;)

cindy w said...

That's funny, when I talk in my sleep it's about real stuff, not dreams. Like, I'll make the next day's to-do list out loud, that kind of thing. It only seems to happen when I'm *really* stressed out. Either way, it's still pretty disturbing to the other person in the room.

Oh, and some bears eat more than berries & fish:

cindy w said...

Hmm... trying again with that link:

Luke said...

Did you ever see that movie about the guy who lived with the bears and they ate him?

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

YES! OMG, he was a total freak show. I was so embrassed for him when he was psuedo-sexually cooing over the bear shit that I had to cover my eyes.