Monday, March 12, 2007

Been sleeping like it's my JOB

Hi there. I haven't had a whole lot to say lately, and the blog has been suffering, I'm afraid. I'm really, really ready for Spring. The cold weather and intermittent snow is getting to me. The increased sunlight has helped, but the whole "spring forward" thing always throws me off-track.

Also? I have a wedding client whose flakiness has crossed over into Downright Freaking Rude territory. I seriously hope said client isn't treating her caterer the same way, or I'll be pulling the banquet manager aside to request "clean food only," a la Fight Club, at the reception.

My schedule was all over the place last week, working very late followed by super early mornings. I was a little off my game with my shooting, nothing disastrous, just uninspired. On Friday, I shot five assignments between 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., including a WWE wrestling match, featuring wrestlers at the, um, beginnings of their careers, shall we say? (We shall.)

There are some things that are not meant to be seen up close, or from all angles. Sleight of hand is one example; stage combat is the other. Having dated Stephen all through college and during his stint at the Magic Hat, I have a pretty good idea how most of it works. WWE wrestling, when you see it up close and at an angle not intended for television cameras or members of the audience, looks an awful lot like Ren Faire stage combat. And I'm talkin' about BAD Ren Faire stage combat. I once saw an underemployed actor in a summer children's theater production of "Romeo and Juliet" wield a fake ham as a weapon more convincingly than the "wrestlers" I saw on Friday. So that's saying something.

I spent most of my weekend sleeping off the general apathy and malaise that's been settling in. It was fantastic. Today I got organized, cleaned the house, finished the laundry, grocery-shopped, had a mini-date with Joel, made a complex and healthy dinner. And that's everything I haven't blogged about. You're all caught up.

I've been videotaping my pets and their antics lately, getting footage to practice my editing skills. Would anyone be interested in seeing Fred rubbing his face on things (this is the compulsion of the week), including but not limited to fake flowers, a door frame, a wicker storage bin and a bunch of bananas. Anyone up for that?


shannon said...

Fred is such a bizarre little (big?) cat. I think that video would be funny.

Glad to hear the sleeping helped and you're feeling better. Spring is coming...soon, I hope.

gwen said...

YES I am up for that. Is the bicycle chain still his one true love?

Luke said...

WWE is hilarious. The best part is when they try to psyche out their opponents with their video rants.

hdl said...

The sad, sad reality about WWE is that it is consistently one of the most watched cable programs each week.