Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Saffron on a Wombat

So I'm on a mini-vacation in DC for the rest of the week. Stephen and I are crashing at Gwen's and visiting his family (brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.) This is the second time in 5 weeks that I've been blogging from Debbie's bed. :)

Andrew is cuter-than-a-button, as usual, and I'm just capitalizing on the overflow of love that comes from showing up with Wujek (Voo-Yeck, it's Polish for Uncle) Stephen- Andrew's favorite person in the world. :) Seriously, though, there's nothing like eating pizza off a paper plate shaped like a frog with a child who thinks you're the best thing ever because you toss him up in the air and play with his toy palm pilot.

Because it's a bilingual household, dinnertime conversation goes from English to Polish to Andrew-ese. For example, if Andrew's talking and everyone but Stephen and I understand, it's Polish. If Danusia's dad (visiting from Warsaw) is talking, it's Polish. If everyone's looking at me, waiting for me to answer and I don't realize it, they accidentally asked me something in Polish. If Andrew's talking and it sounds like "saffron on a wombat," and even the Polish-speaking people look confused, he's making it up because he's 3. If Mark is talking, and Danusia calls out from the kitchen: "Show off! Show off! Mark is a show-off!" it's Turkish.

All that plus getting to watch the first episode of Degrassi's new season AND the 3rd Harry Potter movie with Gwen? Best. Vacation. Ever.

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