Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Going Home...

I just wanted to let you all know that I am headed to Lancaster tonight. I will be there on Thursday and Friday. My mom, unfortunately, is in the hospital.

She was walking Gunner the other day when two dogs bounded out of their yard. They didn't really go on the attack, because no dogs nor humans were bitten or scratched. However, they DID knock my mom down, braking her leg in two places and dislocating her knee. She also has a mild head injury that required stiches, but no major concussion, which is good. She is going to need surgery on her knee some time in the next few days, and we're anticipating several months of physical therapy and rehab.

I will be incommunicado, mostly likely, during the next two days, but I'll be reachable after 9 at my parents' house or on my personal cell. My mom is hanging in there, but she is very disappointed about having to cancel a lot of plans to fly to Greg Ps graduation, Boston, etc., Our goal is to get her well enough to go to the beach with all of us, so please send good thoughts our way, yeah? :)

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