Saturday, June 12, 2004

One of the many reasons I love my job...

is that I will be out shooting a festival (better equipped with rides than a school Fun Fest, but much less action-packed than the L@ncaster C@tholic Festival for those of you who can make that mental comparison)

I had just been listening to reports of increasing violence against Westerners in Saudi Arabia on NPR in my car.

So I decide that I just. can't. photograph face-painting one more time; I just can't. I make my way to to the henna design booth instead, where I meet a 14-year-old girl named @yesha Kh@n sitting in a pool of sunlight with a 12-year-old girl named L@uren Horow!tz, drawing a heart on L@uren's hand with henna.

And this how I start making my way home, feeling like maybe our world isn't going to hell in a handbasket after all. :)

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