Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Your arm.. is SO... slimy!

I've gotten a little befuddled, trying to think of an excellent way to begin my brand new blog. There's too much build up now. I wanted to start off with something really witty and positive and exciting, and then I was going to make a Groundhog Day analogy, and I got all stuck and so-

I'll just start anywhere and see where we go. :) Hurrah!

I got to see Stephen this weekend. He has a new and interesting collection of bruises now that he's dueling everyday (on tour at a high school educational program or community center near you!). Ouch. We had fun, going to the movies and hanging out.

For some reason, I had a bunch of nightmares. I remember dreaming I was in a war. I was a soldier in a POW camp, and I was trying to escape. I was driving a VW Bug, and it got stuck in the snow. I also dreamt that when I checked out of the hotel we stayed in, they tried to charge me double and accused me of ordering 8 nonstop hours of HotelCableP#rn. (For the record, NO. HOTEL.CABLE.P#RN. whatsoever was ordered or watched by either or us) I was shocked and horrified. I think this dream was a result of watching Boiling Point with Luke last week, trying to spot this guy who works with his girlfriend who got set up on the show.

The fun thing about having nightmares while sharing a bed with someone is that they remember what you said in your sleep. This, according to Stephen, is what I said.

Me: AARGGHHH (screaming in my sleep)

Him: Honey, wake up.

Me: AAH, what?

Him: You're having a bad dream.

Me: I'm sorry. I'm having a bad dream.

Him: I know. That's why I woke you up.

Me: My arm is covered in slime.

I don't remember dreaming about slime. No more Lord of the Rings movies before bed, I think. :)

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