Wednesday, February 18, 2004

And now a word from our sponsor...

Every now and then, Stephen and I watch hours of TV together. And we always end up having one of two conversations about commercials.

Conversation #1...

Him: Heh. You know who that is?

Me: What?

Him: You mean, who?

Me: I guess.

Him: "That's Natal!e Schi@vo."

Me: The girl I subletted from junior year?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Wait, which one is she?

Him: The secretary.

Me: The one who just said, "We're grown-ups now. And there's a better tasting soup." ?

Him: The other one.

Me: Huh. Look at that.

Or we have Conversation #2....

Me: Look at that woman.

Him: Yeah?

Me: She's, like, dusting orgasmically.

Him: And?

Me: Would you want to be known as the Manic Swiffer Lady?

Him: Well, yeah. It's a national campaign. She's getting paid a lot of money.

Me: Still....

But seriously, I just watched a commercial where a woman broke up with a bottle of Budweiser. It was... bizarre and awful.

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