Thursday, January 02, 2003

RAH!!! Massive, Enormous, Incredible CONGRATULATIONS to Kelly!!!

Kelly gave me permission to announce that she got the big, year-long, well-paid, health insured, United Way internship! Whee! I knew you could do it, Kelbaby; they would have been totally crazy not to take you! :) Since I can't do a victory dance around the newsroom, I'll do a Mental Victory Dance around the blog. :) I am so proud of you; I haven't been this excited about your general Kick-@ss-edness since you got the awesome Buchannan Park scholarship, and that's saying something, as I am always in somewhat of an awed state about your tenacity and intelligence. :)

Hooray, Imaginary Life for Kelly! This calls for a new haircut, a massage, margaritas and perhaps some CFM shoes. :) :) :)

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