Thursday, January 09, 2003

Stephen and I discovered a great new board game by the Cranium people called "Cranium Hoopla." It's very fun, and you can play it with only two people. Basically, you have a bunch of cards you have to go through in a short amount of time, and you have to get the other person to guess what's on any one of the cards you're holding through varius different Cranium-esque methods such as "Cloodle," (pictionary for you non-board game converts.)

One of the methods is called "Tweener." You have to carefully craft one clue and one clue only using the form, "It's bigger than ____, but smaller than ______." That's all you can tell them. For example, "It's bigger than a gladiator, but smaller than Rome." (The Coliseum.)

So, Stephen comes up with these really esoteric clues that have me totally stumped, right? I'm convinced that Scott, Master of Intellectual Puzzles and All Things Board Game, will even struggle with these clues. So, we call him up at GeniuSoft, and of course he naturally figures them out in seconds, which pleased Stephen to no end. So I want to put them out there for all of you. :) See if you can figure them out-

1.) This is a place. It's bigger than a microchip but smaller than the Sahara Desert.

2.) This is a thing. It's bigger than boxing but smaller than Greco-Roman.

Although "Tweener" totally threw me, I was pretty proud of my success with a different category called "Tongue-Tied," in which you have to get the other player(s) to guess a person, place or thing using words that only begin with one letter. (For example, using only "M," someone would say "major musician Memphis" to get you to guess "Elvis Presley.") I got Bono from U2 with only the words "Dublin," "do-gooder" and "debt-relief," although I did gleefully shout out, "LEPRECHAUN!" before I figured it out. :)

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