Monday, January 13, 2003

Mmmm.... Tired. TI-red.... Spent lovely weekend lolling about with the boyfriend and playing with a baby tiger and watching TV and going to the mall... Of, course, I was in no way tired last night and couldn't sleep until 3 a.m. Stephen and I bought some Nerf weaponry and were "dueling" (start back to back, take five paces, then turn and shoot) in the driveway of the apartment complex at 1:30 this morning. It was fun... yawn.... but I need a nap. :)

Although, when we first bought the Nerf guns, we were both excited about them and had big plans to turn the furniture into forts from where we could shoot Nerf/suction cup-py arrows at the dog and cat (mostly the cat, because he's really dumb :). After purchasing them in the mall, however, Stephen opened and prepared one, hid it behind his back, and as we walked to the car, he shot me from behind, unfortunately hitting me on the cheek out of nowhere. Naturally, I screamed at the top of my lungs, because it scared the be-jeezus out of me. Also,the "arrow" stuck to my face, which made it even funnier for him. Arg....(grumble grumble) Revenge, revenge, I say!


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