Friday, October 18, 2002

Okay! And we're back! Today, TODAY, I promise, I am updating this blog- Birthday messages to four important people, (sorry, sorry- not my fault everyone's parents conceived in the beginning of January 1977 :), all new gerunds, an update on the latest Not-My-Cat living on the porch, (who may have run away, actually, but at least he's neutered now), funny stories from the life of Hysterical White Girl in Miami... it's all coming today. I swear.

But right now I gotta go to a press conference with the Archbishop of Miami whose gonna tell us, in three languages, how he unconditionally supports the Pope's decision not to punish sex offenders and how he disagrees with the U.S. Bishops Sex Abuse Policies. Greaaaat. I'm gonna LOVE that!

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