Tuesday, October 29, 2002


Oh, Lordy. Tired, tired, tired.

I had an exhausting day in therapy today. It was a breakthrough in many ways, and I feel like a weight has come off in my ways. I also feel like I could sleep for a hundred years. I've actually had a fun schedule these past few days, getting to run all my "fun" errands like getting a plant to replace the poor aloe plant Fred devoured last week.

Tomorrow I'm shooting a construction project for a magazine for people who lay rubber coating on rooves. (Roofs? Why doesn't that look right?) Yup, not makin' that up. Still, I'm starting to charge more because I have more exposure and higher profile clients, so I can't complain. Nothing I do with my clothes on is going to pay as well for only hours hours of work. Tired. Ti-red.

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