Sunday, June 16, 2002

Thanks for all your suggestions for names! Keep commenting!

Took Belle to the beach today. She even got in the water for two minutes, and was even enjoying splashing around with these very nice dogs (and Justin, their owner, who had a chiseled- HMM- body; nothing was going to happen as I too was in a bathing suit, even though I love Stephen, we all know this, and Justin had a girlfriend anyway, and Angie in a Bathing Suit these days is not particularly enticing, AND Justin obviously shaved his chest hair- stubble o la! EW- I would MUCH rather be near a semi-hairy chest than a shaved bristly stubbly one, thank you very much) but ANYWAY, then Bella got lifted off her feet by a wave, yelped, and swam/ran back to the shore, up the beach, up the steps and was sitting by the car by the time I caught up to her.

So we both got a good workout today, with all the walking and running on sand, throwing and fetching and whatnot, which is good, because I always get hungry on the long commute, and even though I have a fridge full of healthy dinner stuff waiting for me, I crack and stop at McDonald's, and as far as B is concerned, it rained all last week so her walks consisted of us sloshing around the apartment complex until she was all set and then running back to the dry, air-conditioned, "Ooh, I have sorbet!" apartment.

Okay. Need to go to bed, as I must be rested for the week. Right. Yes. Bed. Not Daily Show and Conan. Bed.

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