Monday, June 03, 2002

Okay, so.... Last night I went to Walgreen's at 1 a.m., to buy among other things, some kind of over-the-counter sleep aid so I can back to a normal human sleeping schedule, as opposed to the vampirical schedule such as I have been keeping these days (crawl in bed as the sun comes up).

Anyway, I did the Walgreen's/CVS/Eckerds/Rite-Aid thing where you go in for just one thing and wander around, remembering that you need more new Wet Swiffer sheets, oh, and some AA batteries, and crap! Bella needs a new ball as one was left on beach yesterday, and hmmm... better be prepared in womanly way, so I'll needs some of *these* and *those,* etc. So with all of that, the bill was kind of high, I guess, around 40 bucks. So I go up to the counter, and I give the guy my debit card, freshly minted from Farmers First Bank, thank you very much, which I admit is a hick bank from my hick town, but it has a Visa symbol on it! Geez.

Anyway, so the guy asks me for some ID. I hand him my drivers' license, and he just stares at it, for like, honestly, 5 minutes, calls his manager over, neither of them actually turns the card over to check the signature or anything, and finally they give it back. Okay, buddy. Thanks for your concern, but how many people steal debit/credit cards and then go careening around Wal-greens in decidedly upscale suburbs of Miami buying contact lens stuff, Nytol, batteries, dog toys, Wet Swiffer sheets and feminine hygiene products at one o'clock in the morning?

EVERYTHING is like that here. I waited in line at the drive-up window in the bank the other night for 50 minutes to cask a money order, and then, after waiting another 8 minutes while she talked to a manager about it, the teller said because I don't have an account there, I have to come into the lobby to do it, but the lobby closed 10 minutes ago, sorry. AAAAAHHHHH! I was in line for 40 freakin' minutes while the lobby was OPEN?!?! I waited in line for 15, then 45, then 20 minutes on three different days to see if the Eckerd's people have found some film I gave them the develop. They haven't. (One roll still being "processed," one gone forever). The PetSmart people wouldn't let me have my dog back from the grooming area until I could produce a receipt saying I already paid for their se4rvices. Of course, the cashier didn't GIVE me my receipt, which I didn't realize until after I left the register, which necessitated necessitated yet another visit to customer service and a "manager." (At this point, I was like, "Oh, God, this is going to be like the film, they sent Bella out to be bathed and lost her, I know it!" Hahaha.

I am sorry, I am just bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch today!!! Although, as Gwen put it on her blog, "I never promised you a rose garden." :) Tee hee. Go forth and have productive, "customer service inquiry-" free days, all of you.

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