Sunday, June 09, 2002


Okay, last week? Really bad.

I don't officially start my internship until tomorrow, but I got started late last week on a random basis just for kicks. Bad, bad, bad idea.

Without rehashing the hysteria, some of you got it firsthand, with me screeching into the phone that "IHATEITHEREIHATEITHERE" and "I AM SUCH A F*CK-UP, OHMYGODOHMYGOD," I gave my boss a CD I burned that corrupted her hard drive, I was twenty-five minutes late the first day, even thought I was outside the office five minutes early, because I got behind three maximum security trucks who had to be thoroughly inspected (the office building where I work also houses the Florida Federal Reserve Bank,) I got lost and completely missed an assignment because the exit off I-95 that I needed was completely closed, I insisted that an editor gave the wrong time for an assignment, which was at 3 p.m., but I thought it was 2:30 because the messages on my beeper are numbered with colons and THEN the time of the assignment, as in "1: Right now. Please go photograph three Venezeulan freedom fighters who staged a coup last month against President Chavez, until recently presumed dead, declaring asylum in Miami," and the SECOND message, about the 3 p.m. assignment, looked like this, "2:3 p.m. Congresswomen protesting Republican redistricting at Federal Courthouse," but to me it looked like 2:30, what with the 2 and then the colon and the three.... I failed to get prescriptions filled at the fourth consecutive pharamacy because Healthguard keeps saying it dropped my coverage, and then I realized I lost my debit card AGAIN- that's right, I DID lose my debit card right before I moved down here. The one I lost was the NEW one, which was in my possession for perhaps a total of four days.

And that's the very, very short version. I will spare you the part about losing my keys and my company issued cell phone, both of which have turned up, as well as many, many other mishaps and confusions.

Special thanks to Kelly, Alissa and Stephen who got the brunt of hysteria.

So, Saturday, I spent the entire day napping and watching bad TV and movies and eating soup (I had a bad cold, too) while it rained and rained and rained.

Today, I cleaned my entire apartment, grocery shopped for excellent food, did all my laundry and gave my dog a good work out. I relxed by the pool and swam laps and played with the wonderful little kittens who leave under a bush in the next building over. Everything is organized and charged and ready for a brand new week. I am now going to fold my laundry and crawl into bed for a good night's sleep with fresh sheets and shaved legs, which, as many of us know, is one of life's very best simple pleasures.

Send good vibes my way, please. It seems I really need them. :)

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