Thursday, June 20, 2002

Happy Birthday, Jason! :) Alissa wrote a very touching birthday message on Girl Meets World, too, but there are many nice things to say about the Lovely Jason, and so here goes...

Happy Birthday to the Person Who.....

*Hates being late, but picked me up every day for school and waited until I stumbled out of the door with a very heavy packpack, a mug of Hawaiian punch and a paper plate of scrambled eggs (Thanks, Mom) and then let me keep a collection of said mugs on the floor of his otherwise immaculate car

*Who almost has me convinced that a Jack and Coke is a classy drink

*Who went hunting with his grandfather and cried when he shot a dove (at the age of like, 11, mind you)

*Who let me drag him into meddling with a friend's love life (in 10th grade, v. dramatic), and when said friend got very angry with us (although he dated that girl for eight years after that, please note), Jason tried to cheer me up by pretending to be a caveman and hopped around his kitchen with a thawing steak and a banana, saying, "MEAT! FRUIT! BOTH!"

*Who re-enacted that performance years later when we were inspired to make tacos at 3 a.m.

*Who let me (AND my dog) move in with him for five weeks, no questions asked, no money requested

*Who goes to a bar and attracts a crowd when he does a "car bomb" (dropping a shot glass of Bailey's Irish Cream into a pint of Guiness and drinking it straight down without coming up for air) inspiring many of the men in the bar to order them and attempt to do the same.

*Who lost his house key, kicked out a window to the basement to get in, and later wakes up the neighborhood screaming and trying to save his dog when a mad raccoon climbed in through the broken window, ran up the stairs and into his bedroom in the middle of the night.

*Who has never lost his love of music, ever

*Who will make a special woman very, very happy someday

*Who has put up with a lot of crap from me over the years, including my mentioning "the dove incident," see above, on the Internet. :)

So much love, J. I celebrate you and your gentle, compassionate self.

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