Sunday, April 21, 2002

Wow.... I just got back from a very nice weekend. I went to my friend Andrea's wedding. It was really great. The ceremony was lovely, elegant, free from mishaps, etc. All in all, everything fell together beautifully.

Andrea is a documentary film-maker, and she definitely approaches life with a keen aesthetic sense and directorial calm, a combination that resulted in an extremely well-organized and fun day. She was absolutely radiant. Her husband is also very, very nice, and I know she made the right decision in marrying him... Anyway, her family was very funny, very happy. We all danced the tarantella, and as Alissa said, there was no chicken dance, no electric slide, no Macarena, no Hot, Hot, Hot conga line, no Hokey Pokey, no Grease medley, no break-ups songs (Why would people want to play "Respect" at their wedding reception? It's a BREAK-UP song. That's like playing "Another One Bites the Dust" at someone's funeral, which, actually, isn't' a terribly un-funny idea....), no annoying dance songs of any kind. It was just very fun, upbeat music. And now, she's off to Jamaica and a new life!

I also ran around a certain Swedish furniture store looking for furniture for the Imaginary Life. The Great Imaginary Apartment Search will (hopefully) conclude at the end of this week! Fingers crossed!

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