Tuesday, April 16, 2002

I am a new level of sleepy and lazy. I just ordered Papajohn's Pizza online, because I couldn't be bothered to a.) find a place that will deliver me a meatball sub here in Colonial Park b.) drive down to the very populated, busy road that would probably have a place that would sell me one, including a Subway that I know of. Yep. I am staying riiiiiight here, in the air-conditioned apartment.

I taught photo today at HHS. Sigh... That place... It scares me because I feel at home there again. I even feel good about eating in the faculty dining room. Scary, scary... Tomorrow I am back there again, teaching in the Resource Room. It's all about giving out candy.

The photography teacher I fill in for also teaches Tech Ed- the scary 9th grade class that replaced Typing with Mr. Fink (Da na na na, na na, na na... Boiled Chicken!). Today, the 9th graders were working with these "Baby Think it Over" Robots. I say "robots" because they are sooooo much more than dolls. They have any number of different needs- feeding, diaper change, burping, cuddling. There are ways to figure out what they "need." They record how long it takes you to calm them, inappropriate handling, if they go unattended.. They are so sensitive, they can tell whether you are just rocking them, or rocking and walking at the same time. It's like Big Brother, in doll form. We've sure progressed since the days that people had to decorate bags of sugar, and Kelly and I would have to "baby-sit" them during band practice for Colorguard, way back in... Oh, Goddess....1992...?!?!?! Was that really ten years ago?

What else do I want to talk about? Oh, yes. I am preparing to go to Miami to find an apartment. (Alissa! Alissa! Full of candy and full of toys! :) I am preparing a Tenant Resume for myself and Bella. I know, a resume for Bella. Tt's the latest thing to do for dogs when you want to move into an apartment with them, according to the Humane Society. Go figure. Bella's resume says things like, "When Bella isn't napping in the sunshine, she enjoys playing with her toys, gazing out the window and meeting other dogs at legally sanctioned dog parks..." Dorky, I know.

Yummy! Pizza's here!

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