Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Sorry Sorry Sorry! I can't believe that it's been ten days since I have written anything here. I keep thinking of things I want to write, but I never seem to get around to it! Arg.

Anyway, Happy belated birthday to Jillian! (only belated on the weblog, mind you, as I was convinced her birthday was the fourth, not the seventh, so I actually got her present and birthday card and phone call there waaaaaaay before her actual birthday. Go me. :)

Oh, and my mom found my claddagh! Hooray!

I have some new Adventures in Substitute Teaching to report. Apparently, the fact that I accidentally said "f*ck" to an 8th grade French class weeks ago has elevated me to "the coolest sub ever" status at a certain school district. :) It's really quite an ego boost, actually. I walk into the building and people gasp and say, "ohmygod-who-are-you-here-for-today-please-let-it-be-for-French-again-I-hate-that-class" in a breathless high school rush. I actually had a class applaud today when I walked in the room. Weird.

Although, today, I experienced the Grossest Thing Ever. This definitely tops those 7th grade boys asking me to "smell their hands" after they rubbed some kind of Liquid Smoke Gel Crap on them. Today, however, there was a kid in my 10th grade History class today, college prep level, who apparently has had some gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe for quite some time. Today, after lunch, he apparently got some food smashed to the gum while he was in the cafeteria and- oh god, this is SO gross- and when they got back to class (They ate during the equivalent of Hempfield "B" lunch, although this wasn't HHS) he picked the gum and smashed food off his shoe and ATE IT. He. ate. it. He actually swallowed it. Anyone familar with the Famous Angie Gag Reflex (The Great Beavis and Butthead Incident of 1994, anyone?) can imagine how close I was to a meltdown. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. New topic, new topic.

Actually, I have been talking about the prom a lot in high school classes, just to break the ice. I told the guys today to never, ever get a girl a corsage with carnations, and not to question it when girls go to the bathroom in groups. And, Nick, I thought of you- a guy asked me if it's okay to wear a top hat to the prom. I said yes, that you did it and it was pretty cool, but only if his tux has tails, and if he has the personality to pull it off. The girls in the class assured me that this particular guy does, in fact, have that kind of personality. Then I told them how Barney, your monkey, bit me when I first met your mom. They thought that was pretty funny. :) So I thought of you a lot today. :)

Had an awesome time this weekend in D.C. seeing the Lovely and Talented Jo in a production of Prometheus this past weekend. I was very glad to have Gwennie with me, because Experimental Post-Modern Greek Tragedies are an experience to be shared. Somehow, we ended up quite literally next to the stage- not good when you know someone in the cast REALLY WELL, even though I thought I ordered seats in the back center section- which is a much more.... intimate... experience with theater. I know how important it is for stage actors to have good diction and enunciation and whatnot, but there was SO MUCH SPITTING that one does not usually see from the mezzanine. And- the guy who played Zeus had really disgusting toenails. It took quite a bit of self-control for me not to crawl on the stage and try and clip them during the second act. Seriously. But Jo was really great. :)

I am reading an awesome book called the Nanny Diaries. I heard a review of it on NPR, and they were so right. I can't put it down.I get so absorbed in the characters' lives that I forget where I am when I am reading it. There's a link in the sidebar column. Love it love it love it. Gonna go read it. :)

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