Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Okay, so... Looking for an apartment a thousand miles away without the help of a Fancy Schmancy Relocation Department or a Relocation Bonus is practically a full-time job in itself. I have been monopolizing Jason's computer night after night researching apartments (Total Time: 6 hours), getting tips on renting for three or four months only with a dog and without a guaranteed fullltime job/W4 form (2 hours), creating renters' resume and pet resume to demonstrate super-reliability and Supreme Prospective Tenant Status to future landlords (4 hours), booking a flight (Two and a half hours! TWO AND A HALF HOURS!), renting a car (Two attempts: 1 hour), putting addresses of potential apartments and the address of Future Place of Employment into Mapquest to determine most ideally located apartment complex (2 hours), emailing sister's college roommate to determine best area of Miami in which to live with least likelihood of being mugged, shot or raped, (30 minutes), time spent buying maps at Border's (45 minutes: 5 spent buying maps, 40 spent being distracted by magazines), putting in addresses of car rental place, airport, hotel and every single respective potential apartment complexes so we'll have some sense of how to get around once Alissa and I get down there because I can't waste time being lost as I have to find an apartment in 48 hours or less (3 hours)........ (pant pant)........ AND THEN, I still have to make appointments at each apartment complex, make 8 copies of renters'/pet resume folder info (such as references, letters of recommendation from vet/neighbors/etc, proof of employment with salary) and let's not forget the Four. Hour. Layover.... IN MISSOURI.. so that I can take advantage of frequent flier miles and get a free flight.


Ah, but I guess the punch line is something along the lines of.... Getting to live out Imaginary Life in gorgeous safe apartment where one can have adorable dog and dream internship in fascinating new city and pre-job vacation with oldest friend (except for sister :) complete with adventure in American Midwest... PRICELESS. :) I hope, I hope.

Oh, and you know that thing I have been waiting three months, five tests and a trip to the doctor for? :) :) :) (Singing) "I love you hmm-hmm... Do you love me question mark... Please please exclamation point!... I want to hold you (in parentheses)..." Yup. Finally here. And it only took the alignment of five planets to do it. :)

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