Saturday, July 03, 2010

Vague is the new black

I sound like a broken record, but I have a lot of things going on in my life, which- while not bad persay- are decidedly unbloggable. As an observer of human life and behavior, working in the wedding industry is a never-ending source comic bloggy goodness. My brides and grooms are almost uniformly awesome and THEY would probably greatly enjoy my take on, say, the high noon standoff at OK Corral that happens when a mother of the bride is forced to interact with a stepmother of the bride when the stepmother was one of the primary reasons her marriage ended, but it's just not prudent if I want to KEEP working in the wedding industry. Once upon a time, there was a wedding planner who PWNED the tacky wedding industrial complex on her killer blog and some of her clients found it... She is my cautionary tale. So there's that. But all in all, good times, good times.

Also, Joel and I have had this amazing blessing fall into our laps this past week in the form of an opportunity to help out someone who really needs us, and it's complex and touching and inspiring and hard and I so wish I could share this person's story with you, but then there's this whole respecting boundaries thing. So yeah. Maybe someday, with permission. I don't mean to sound all, "Nyah, nyah, nyah boo boo, I've got someone crashing on my couch that my pets are helping to heal and it's unfolding before my eyes with awesomeness but I'm not gonna tell you more!" but... it is what it is.

Meanwhile, people who work in children's theater can be incredibly mean (Lesley, holla!) and I'm so glad- but also unsettled- to learn that, like, mean people in children's theater is kind of a universal THING the way that the cutest guys with the biggest egos tend to play trumpets in marching bands everywhere. And I don't mean the kids. The kids are great! I practically wanted to load this one kid into my womb (in a non-creepy way, I assure you) during his lisp-y version of "Where is Love?" from the musical Oliver earlier today. It's the adults who drive you to the point of wanting to take your toys and send yourself home. It's getting better, though. Some people had to mark their territory by pissing on me, but I think we're good now. Probably. If we're not I PROBABLY WON'T BE ABLE TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT, AT LEAST NOT ON MY BLOOOOGGGG!

If a tree falls in the woods and a blogger can't write about it, did it really happen? I am lucky that this is my biggest problem right now. So lucky.

Anyway, I CAN link to the cool light grafiti project, which is here, though. Woot?

BONUS: I uploaded it! Blogger's viewer is incredibly wee, though. Best to click the link, I think.

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Lesley said...

Holla! Oh the stories I could tell. : ) But alas, public bloggy goodness. Totally get where you're coming from and I have a feeling you and I probably have some verrry similar stories under our belts.

We should catch up soon when you're feeling not too busy. xoxo