Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Suggestions, anyone?

I need a polite way to say, "I'm sorry it's taken me four days to respond to your request for additional edits because you are an annoying pain in the ass with too much time on your hands and may I take this opportunity to remind you that this is a personal keepsake from a DISNEY FOR KINDERGARTENERS PLAY we're designing here NOT LAYING OUT THE GUTENBURG BIBLE and I have spent MORE TIME trying to decipher your vague email requests than you spent watching the COMPLETE RUNNING TIME OF THE SHOW please just kill me KTHANXBAI."


I'm seriously starting to think about messing' with this parent's head and kickin' it "Missy the Lost Cat" style. (<---Missy the Lost Cat is fake, but brilliantly accurate when it comes to these sorts of discussions. Oh, man, when I read that I nearly peed myself. I haven't been that validated since a videographer friend sent me a link to Clients from Hell.

Now I'm just procrastinating.

Maybe I should design a poster. "Sigh II: When Ennui Attacks!"

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