Friday, July 09, 2010

Gwen's Shower: Starring Badly PhotoShopped Kelly

Last month Shannon and Alissa threw Gwen an awesome pre-nuptial party at Shannon's house in DC. It was an absolute blast, featuring water balloon fights, tug of war, hula hooping, old school relays and seriously good food.

You can see all of the photos here. This past weekend, Gwen had a shower in our hometown, which I could not attend since we had plans over the Fourth for the annual Plotner-Gaul beach trip/crab-feast/ with a special reunion-memorial this year that was truly touching and peaceful and just right. (More on that coming later.)

I was sad to miss out on the Lancaster shower, but I did get to go to at least one of the celebrations. Kelly, on the other hand, was greatly missed, but she *will* be flying 3,000 miles to be at the wedding so that will be awesome. Usually when one of us can't attend something like this, we find another way to have fun. This time... I'm introducing "Badly Photoshopped Kelly!"

The bride-to-be and Badly PhotoShopped Kelly enjoy delicious sangria. And wine. And a margarita.

Gwen and Badly PhotoShopped Kelly catch hula hoops thrown by Gaby.

Badly PhotoShopped Kelly gives H and Amanda the extra oomph they need to win tug of war!

Gaby and Badly PhotoShopped Kelly bombard Gwen with Badly PhotoShopped Water Balloons.

Badly PhotoShopped Kelly points out that Amanda has dropped her Lifesaver.

Molly navigates around Badly PhotoShopped Kelly's stupendous bow hat, which makes them both thirsty.

Hee! I love you both. Happy Less Than Two Months 'Til The Wedding! :)


gwen said...

HA! Oh, this cracked me up (especially the tug of war photo). I love love love Badly Photoshopped Kelly!

Alissa said...

That is fantastic. :)