Friday, June 25, 2010

Bear With Me, Please...

One of my semi-regular gigs this summer is with a children's theater. Essentially, I got kidnapped by seven productions of Aladdin, Jr. and Peter Pan as performed by 6-year-olds, which is actually all incredibly cute. I've emerged from the Marrytown Husic Mall with my sanity intact. Mostly. I could perform "A Whole New World" for you, complete with the basic choreography, in my sleep. So, um, yay? I'll be on a break from the onslaught of modified Disney tunes until the Little Mermaid opens in July. Woot.

Meanwhile, you can see everything I've been shooting at the theater here and a sneak peek from last weekend's wedding here. Also, I went to the prom tonight as well, on assignment, of course. You can see those pictures here. As a special bonus (what? there's a lot of infomercials on between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., which is when I do the lion's share of my retouching. Don't judge!), here's a fun shot playing with the concept of light graffiti for an upcoming project that's due... oh, damn... it's due really soon.

I may never update this blog ever again. Except that of course I will, so please just bear with me.

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