Monday, October 13, 2008

Sneak Peek: Ben and Amie

I first met Ben and Amie at Debbie and Noam's wedding last April. They caught my eye because of the way they were gazing at each other on the dance floor. When they introduced themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend, my wedding photographer "Spidey sense" kicked in. This was a man shopping for a ring, and this was a woman who was going to say yes. So I was thrilled when they got in touch a few weeks later to tell me they were engaged!

Fast forward to yesterday...

It was a pleasure to shoot Ben and Amie's wedding.

They aren't just in love. They are blissful, ecstatic, crazy in love. They saw each other before the ceremony first to center themselves, and then, sign the ketubah. Here comes the bride...

I can't even describe the look on Ben's face when he saw Amie in her dress.

They didn't take their eyes off each other for the rest of the day, not even when they circled each other seven times under huppah.

Their ceremony was peaceful and moving.

The two people holding the huppah behind them, by the way? Totally schemed to set them up.

Instead of flower girls, they had "leaf children." Love it!

Their first dance was the horah.

I should mention that Amie's cousin Deborah brought their beautiful huppah all the way from Shanghai. She has an amazing laugh.

It must run in the family.

They were toasted (and roasted, just a little) by their nearest and dearest.

Is a wedding really a wedding without the chicken dance?

And finally, my two favorite images from the day....

Congratulations, you guys! Thank you so much for letting me tell your love story in pictures. Between the beautiful New England day, the warmth and kindness of your friends and family (thank you, Sewell), and the amazing love that you share, it was almost- as they say Down Under- "too easy." Happy honeymoon!

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Judy said...

Magnificent work! You are right about their love shining through every pix. Love the Leaf Children!