Saturday, October 18, 2008

Exciting New Thing

UPDATE: There's a new post up on Untangling Photos. Want to laugh at a picture of me looking like an escapee from a "Little House on the Prairie" FanCon? You know what want to. Click here!

Well, it's exciting to me anyway! Karla, whom I've mentioned before when I wrote about my decision to join Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep after I was inspired by her daughter, has asked me to write a blog about photography under the umbrella of her website Untangling Knots.

I got the email offer from her during a layover in Cairns on our first leg home from the honeymoon, and we're finally up and running at Untangling Photography! I'm going to be writing about photography, how to teach better pictures, blogging about scrapbooking, doing Before and After entries that teach editing techniques, and probably telling the same kind of self-deprecating stories that I do here, like that time I was shooting a big sporting event and I was afraid Britney Spears was in the next stall over and I didn't want to let me hear me pee. For the record, this was Pre-Crazy Britney, before she shaved her head. Bald Britney hearing me pee? Feh.

But I digress. I hope you guys will come check out Untangling Photography and participate in contests once and a while, maybe? It will be fun! I'll be giving away B & H gift certificates... Just sayin.' :)

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